Faith in today’s world.

What does it mean for today’s man when the Church’s credo professes: “Do I believe in God?” Whoever says those words expresses, above all, decisions related to values ​​in the world. Yippee,
that decision can be considered true (yes, in a sense, it must be valid as a decision for the truth).
However, we can only achieve the truth in a decision, even as a decision at all. The decision can be understood even as that we separate different possibilities. What Israel has done at the dawn of its history and the church at the beginning of its journey must occur again in every human life. Like once there had to be a decision against Moloch and Baal, a decision for truth against custom, as well as Christian the words: “I believe in God” always mean the process of division, acceptance, purification, and transformation: only in this way could she have in the past times to maintain the Christian faith in one God. But where is this process heading today?
1. The primacy of the Logos
Christian faith in God means first and foremost decisions for the primacy of the Logos against the mere matter. Say: “I believe that God is, ” includes the requirement that the Logos, that is thought, freedom, love is not only at the end but also the beginning; The logos are the original and all-embracing power of everything existing. Let’s put it another way: Faith means deciding that thought and meaning are not just random by-products of being, but that all being is a product of thought. Yes, being in its innermost structure is thought. So much does faith in a specific sense mean a decision for the truth, because for faith, the being itself is the truth, the possibility to understand, the meaning, and all this is not just a scandal product of being that has arisen somewhere without then it had a creative and determining meaning for the whole reality? In this decision, the thought structure of being, which results from meaning and understanding, is also rooted in the belief in creation. Faith means nothing more than the belief that the objective spirit we find in all things is decal and expression of subjective spirit and that thought the structure that exists and that we can think about is an expression of creative thinking through which things there are.
To be more precise: In the old Pythagorean concept, The God who makes geometry has expressed a view into the mathematical structure of being and teaches to understand the imaginary being as mentally constructed; this expresses the knowledge that nor is a matter simply a non-sense that is far from knowledge, but that even matter is right in itself and can be known, which enables its mental understanding. Through the research of the mathematical structure of matter, its mathematical understanding, and evaluation, this view has expanded considerably in our time. Einstein, about this, once said that in the law of nature,» it appears such a wonderful reason that all the logic of human thought and action is only a faint reflection. «

That, of course, means: All our thinking is really just thinking about what was actually thought out in advance. We can only modestly try that thoughtful being, and these are things only subsequently discovered and found in their truth. Mathematical understanding of the world appeared in mathematics of the universe of “God of philosophers” – with all its problems, as Einstein points out. Einstein refuses personal the conception of God as “anthropomorphic” places them in the “religion of fear” and the “moral religion.” Opposite builds on this as the only proportionate “cosmic religiosity,” which works for him in »astonished admiration for harmony laws of nature, «in» deep faith in the mind of the builder of worlds, “and in the” desire for knowledge, even the slightest reflection of reason revealed in our world. «
Here lies the whole problem of faith in God: On one, On the other hand, we see the transparency of the being, which, like the being of the mind, indicates thinking, but at the same time, we encounter the impossibility these thoughts are related to a person. For the sermon is clear. It gives us a narrow and insufficient concept of persons to compare “God of faith” and “God of philosophers.” I’ll add here before we move on to other similar words of one natural scientist. James Jeans once said, “We discover that the universe shows traces of some sort of planning and controlling power that has something in common
with our own individual spirit. However, it has no way we have so far discovered emotion, morality, or aesthetic ability. Still, only a certain propensity to think the way we are called geometry for lack of a better expression «.
Again we come across the same thing: The mathematician discovers the mathematics of the cosmos, the thoughtful existence of things. But nothing more. It only appears God of philosophers. But is there something strange about it? Can a mathematician, who observes the world mathematically, find something in space other than math? We shouldn’t ask him if he ever looked at the world other than mathematically? If he didn’t see, for example, a flowering apple tree and, if not surprised by fertilization in the interplay of bees and the tree can only go by detouring through the flowers and so it involves a completely useless wonder of beauty that can be understood only in performing and admitting what is beautiful without

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