Blessed are the poor in spirit.

Blessed are the poor in spirit.
Encourage people not to focus on earthly good in their lives, but for a reward in heaven 1 Let’s imagine that a friend from abroad invited us to visit us. We will begin to explore and find the way to get there. We will search way to get there as soon as possible and as surely as possible. Each of us got an invitation from Heavenly Father to come to heaven. The way we can get there to get, Jesus showed us.
It is in today’s Gospel that Jesus offers us such lessons for the journey
to happiness to God. The first reads: “Blessed are the poor in spirit, for they are the kingdom of heaven ”(Mt 5: 3). Christ offers us a constitutional law – eight blessings. All eight beatitudes together give the image of the perfect Jesus apprentice. Elsewhere, Jesus said, “Be ye therefore perfect, as he is your heavenly Father is perfect ”(Mt 5:48). Jesus is sent to proclaim joy poor. Initially, wealth and wealth were considered a sign of God’s blessings. Later, however, it became increasingly clear that the poor and the poor may be especially close to God. This poor man has learned to look at your destiny from a new perspective. They do not grumble about their destiny and do not think about a violent turnaround. They are perhaps not simple, limited, or incapable of living, but they are poor in spirit; in spirit, their poverty has a spiritual side. Yours they transfer a tiny position in earthly society to their relationship with God.

They expect everything from God; they do not rely on their own justice and piety. They are free from the burden of earthly possessions and their burden their own self-love, and thus they are also free for God. Anyone who wants to receive God’s kingdom must be spiritually poor; only such can be completely donated. We wish you happiness in meetings with acquaintances and congratulations. The world is you represent happiness differently than Jesus. The world says, “Blessed are the rich.” But Jesus he said, “Blessed are the poor.” Who is right? The poverty of which Jesus speaks is not in need; it is a feeling of constant dependence on God, without which we are powerless, weak. The poor in spirit are those who do not ask, “Why is God to me?”
Self relying on reason and muscles. They have entrusted themselves to the hands of God, where they will find everything and who will do everything they can’t. They also accept their lives daily, like God’s undeserved gift, and thanks for all his blessings not only verbally but also in deeds. If we still can’t say for sure who we belong to, let’s stop for a moment and think about it. What it looks like inside us, in our families. What makes us happy? Our riches, our possessions, our meals, our housing, our clothes, our reason, dexterity, health? These matters, if they have seized our whole being, they gradually rob us of the joy of life, of peace, of enthusiasm, and finally of hope for eternity. Our boat will be full of cargo that we won’t get or, but we will slowly and surely sink into the evil that still surrounds us all the time.
There were a million floods of caterpillars in California. They would destroy the entire crop. Special planes sprayed, deep ditches were dug to detain the attackers. Nothing did help. Researchers have found that one species of flower helps to spread them. They began to destroy the flower and immediately managed to control the caterpillars. The invisible enemy is more dangerous than the visible. So it is in the spiritual life. Evil is dangerous. We are in danger from many sides. One of his means is attached to the property and earthly good. Do we want to avoid him? Let us receive this of Christ with sincere faith word and live according to it. We will thus become poor in spirit, and we will get a reward in the kingdom of heaven.

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