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Encourage people to use words judiciously and pass on information
We live in a time when promises are not kept. The word is priceless. Not only individuals and nations, and states sign treaties but immediately break them and default. How many marital vows at marriage are not fulfilled. In this company of wrath and lies, we Christians must be known, for by our word, we will observe at all times.
In today’s Gospel, the Lord told His disciples, and it is true of course also for us: “Let your speech be” yes-yes, “no-no “(Mt 5:37).
In these few sentences, the Lord Jesus deals very deeply with the eighth commandments. It not only repeats the ban on false oaths, but adds a ban at all to swear. Jesus clearly and firmly opposes the abuse of that time of swearing and against the punishment of valid and invalid oaths. According to Jesus, it is not an ever-needed oath of affirmation and confirmation in everyday life truth. Here is complete truthfulness without any reassuring oath, the only guarantee of true brotherhood. The scribes have consistently sworn as well in everyday matters. However, Jesus says, “Do not swear at all” (Mt 5:34).
Do not use all those reassuring and binding or non-binding oaths at all. You know God is included in these oaths. Jesus’ disciple is to say Yes, or No, I am to be truthful. We do not think that Christ commands us to use the one-syllable with these words’ speech Not. He wants to teach us how direct and unambiguous we should be. Yes, let it be yes. No, let it not. There is no compromise. We have to speak and truth. From such a pure attitude, they grow simple and true interpersonal relationships. But what have we done in life from our words and behavior Confusion? We have sown distrust and constant suspicion. From store to politics, from family to international relations. Deceiving is an almost effort each and all. And that entangles life and interpersonal encounters. Then even the most common information becomes questionable. Many people also say yes, nor not, depending on what is profitable. They speak without conviction. They repeat phrases. They adapt to opinion. They say what is nice to others. However, the liar is sooner. Whether it manifests itself later, the truth will come out. It cannot be neutral. Who is reluctant to stand on the side of truth is already on the side of lies. To be vague, to be double means the loss of friends. Our words are a mirror of our mind and the voice of the heart.

If we are internally filled with the truth, we will have no problem standing up to the side of the truth, speak the truth. What are my words? I say what you are too, I mean? Or do I think one and speak the other? So also St. James, in his letter he warns us, “Let your yes be yes and no let it be, lest you fail the court ”(James 5:12).
For our eyes to be a real yes and not a real no, let us also learn
from the following story. A panting friend ran up to Socrates and gasped his breath began to say, “Listen, Socrates, I must tell you something important ‘you’re a friend…” “Wait,” the sage interrupted, “did you sift what you want to tell me through three sieves?”
“Over three sieves?” The messenger wondered.
“Yes, through three sieves. The first sieve is true. You’re sure all you want to tell me is following the truth? ”
“I don’t know, he told me….”
“Yes, yes, but you must have sifted it through a second sieve, and that’s good. If that’s what you want me to say is not true, it is definitely good. “
“Vice versa!”
“Well,” the philosopher interrupted, “use the third sieve and think about what You want to say it is necessary. “
“Necessary? Probably not.”
“Then,” Socrates smiled, “if what you want to tell me is not true, not even good, not necessarily, don’t bother yourself or me. “
Let us sift our words through three sieves, truth, goodness, and necessity. If we do this, our eyes will be yes and no will not. These will be Jesus’ witnesses and propagators of the truth. The strength to make us prosper, please, even at this Holy Mass.

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