The reality of creation

 We know the universe today for about twenty billion years duration. We have an idea about it. As it was in its first moments: matter and radiation, electrons and their antiparticles, positrons, photons, neutrinos and antineutrinos. Astrophysicists estimate the temperature of the universe at the earliest moments, in the first hundredths of a hollow, to about a hundred billion Celsius es.
Then the universe began to expand and cool very quickly. Today, it is certain that matter, which is a building block of what we call today space, is, over time, drawn into the process of creating increasingly complex sinister: in physics, the most complex atoms are also the youngest. This process in space has been going on for twenty billion years. Gradually, stars and galaxies formed, some stars still form today. We now know that the universe is a gas of galaxies, i.e. a gas whose molecules are galaxies. For example, our galaxy contains about a hundred billion stars. Our star, what we call the Sun, formed about six billion ago flight. This is the age of our solar system. The planet Earth was created a little later: about four billion six hundred million years ago. In all of them, however, these data may be revised.
Once our planet was physically ready, it continued matter in the process of composition. Atoms combine with other atoms in molecules. The molecules formed giant molecules with other molecules. Giant molecules with giant molecules they give rise to molecules – telegrams, libraries containing all instructions or information necessary for the creation and development of living beings, first unicellular, then more complex, composed or made up of millions and then billions of different specialized cells. So this is the general law of the history of the universe and matter that we reveal on
late twentieth century.
Over time, matter is drawn into a process that leads to an increasingly complex frame, and yet statistically less and less likely. Simply put: information in the universe is constantly growing to 7 over time. The universe is a historical, evolutionary, genetic system in which information grows irreversibly. In all high-quality treatises on physics and biochemistry one can find interpretations of the genesis and creation of more complex structures of matter, the formation of heavy nuclei, formation of molecules from atoms and giant molecules from simpler molecules. On the Based on all this knowledge, we can study the history of the universe and today history of matter. We know today that the first living beings, the simplest, appeared on Earth about three billion and five or six hundred million years ago. They can be here too, data revised. But it is certain. That the first living beings were at the same time the most infirm: biological systems consisting of a single cell. However, the genetic information needed to control such a biological system is already extraordinary rich in information. It must contain all instructions or information needed not only to manage the construction of an already highly complex biological system capable of surviving the recovery of all the atoms of which it is composed, but in addition, capable of reproducing and transmitting genetic information contains, and capable of adaptation to the environment and capable of development, and transformation. These single-celled biological systems have indeed evolved and transformed. Let’s find a description in a good textbook of basics of biology of these primary biological systems, the first and simplest living structures. The simplest systems were followed by more complex biological systems and more complex: we call this development the natural history of living structures.
Zoology presents us with a look at this progressive history – starting three and a half billion years ago – all living beings who have ever lived
on our planet. Some of them are still around us. Most of them disappeared. We know them from fossils. If we study this long history, it seems certain that over time it will increasingly complex biological systems, composed of differentiated ones, appeared cells, specialized organ. To control the genesis or formation of these still more complex, increasingly differentiated and specialized biological systems, genetic messages increasingly rich in information were needed, and containing all the necessary instructions. This is what we biologists and Biochemists try to say: that genetic information is in terms of information getting bigger and richer. Over time, life has focused on creating organisms that are increasingly mobile and independent, equipped with an increasingly evolving nervous system. The brain is constantly gaining in volume and complexity. The natural history of life is such an irreversible ascent to increasingly complex psychic structures. The first living entities that appeared were already. Psychological structures, basic, rudimentary, but still psychological. There is no living thing that is not a psychic structure. Everything what is biological is also psychic.

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