A real family.

We say that everything goes differently if you have an uncle upstairs in the office … in other words: You can’t get anywhere without protection. And today, let’s add: Not even to heaven! Indeed, it has already happened to you that you needed something, you asked, and you knew that they have it, that it is in their power to get and get it, but you were not known to them, so you left without success, help.

In the Gospel, we heard his mother seeking to meet Jesus with her apostles, cousins, and cousins. Namely, in the speech spoken by the Lord Jesus and his contemporaries, there was no difference in words between brother and cousin. At first glance, it might seem to us that the Virgin Mary had more children, and the Lord Jesus could have both a brother and a sister. Many churches and sects still misunderstand this part of the Gospel even today because they do not know or do not want to know the true meaning and content of these words. But that’s not the point of this passage. The Lord Jesus highlights our spiritual kinship very high here over bodily kinship.

Those who listen to Jesus’ words have an excellent relationship with him and other members of this family, as with their mother, father, brother, or sister. That our commitment to this spiritual community is more vital than blood also consciously sets an example for us. When Jesus is on a pilgrimage in Jerusalem, he leaves his parents, later goes to his mother and stays in the company of those who want to listen to him. When interrupted by relatives while proclaiming the Gospel, he keeps them waiting. He particularly emphasizes the precedence of spiritual kinship in these words: “For everyone who does the will of my Father who is in heaven is my brother, sister, and mother” (Mt 12:50).

We are baptized well. We have a Father in heaven. Jesus Christ gained this family relationship when he received us as his brothers in the Holy Spirit. It is a pity, however, that we thus abolish it with sin. Because we sin against and deprive ourselves of the right of son ship, we cease to be children, brothers, sisters, and mothers. But what to do when it happens to us from human weakness? We should correct it as soon as possible.

Remember the war. Many of you have experienced it; others have seen it, at least in the film. When they searched the house, they inspected the whole house; they looked into the closets, under the bed, and into the bed from the roof to the basement. Nothing escaped the watchful eye of the seekers. Every thorough Christian Catholic should undertake such a thorough examination of his soul. Yes, even the one who approaches the sacrament of reconciliation every month.

You come here, dear brothers and sisters, and you often feel more mentally ill than physically ill. You are kept afraid; you feel tension, dissatisfaction with yourself and your conscience. You’d rather erase it all and start over. Yes, get started. You have the opportunity and enough free time to carry out a thorough review of your spiritual life. You want to be happy. But how do you want to feel comfortable when you are not family with Jesus?

Prepare and be reconciled to God! You are often short of breath, and the priest has to wait until you exhale, and then you continue. But this is not about the priest, and he will remain, but about those who are also waiting, but above all about you … When you are not ready, you only speak as if from a plate that sounds like a confessional for thirty or forty years. Not. I will break the plate before a good, holy confession because you are no longer tired of listening to it and try to listen to another, a new one, which will play to you after a good and sincere prayer before the sacrament of reconciliation. Then think. Take the help of the spiritual mirror that every prayer book has and examine your friendship, your family, spiritual relationship with Jesus. True, it can’t be done fast. Every vital thing needs time to be realized.

Confession is the most important thing for a Catholic Christian after falling into sin. This means that one who wants to make a sound, holy confession must find a time and place not to be disturbed by anyone or anything. Depending on when he was not in the confession, he must devote adequate time to it. When a person does not question his conscience daily, when he ignores his conscience, he must make more effort, slowly take over his life, friendships, acquaintances, and attitudes. This is how even those who have not been in confession for many years and today have the opportunity to prepare.

No one can argue before a righteous Judge that he has not been told this where he is. And maybe Jesus is sending you right here to start a new life with us today, now. The real, the supernatural. You are ashamed at home, afraid that someone will see you, do not have complete confidence in the priest, is your friend, and you are a sinner. Do not hesitate! Jesus is waiting! But you, brother and sister, who come to the holy confession every week, also apply to you: “For everyone who does the will of my Father who is in heaven is my brother and sister and mother” (Mt 12, 50).

You, too, sometimes have to devote more time to your confession sacrament of reconciliation. Compare the periods of improvement in individual sins or permission. Whether you have a factual correction or you are falling in love. You look better on the outside, and you say it yourself, but you’re worse in your soul, don’t think.

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