An obstacle to following Jesus1
“You’re as stubborn as a ram.” I guess we’ve heard this proverb many times and cooked it, they used it themselves.
Today’s gospel brings us an idea similar to our analogy, but hidden in two long sentences. “The men of Nineveh will stand up in court this generation, and they will condemn it, for they have repented at the preaching of Jonah — and here is someone bigger than Jonah! The Queen of the South will appear in court against this generation and condemn it; for she came from the ends of the earth to hear Solomon
wisdom – and here is someone greater than Solomon!” (Mt 12: 41-42)
I’m sure you’re wondering now how this has to do with our ram! Not at all with the ram, rather than with his stubbornness, even the determination to withdraw from its position. The queen of Sheba (probably today’s Ethiopia), attracted by Solomon’s Wisdom, came to Jerusalem. She covered a long distance as she knew God’s revelation, which was then in Israel. For this proof of his desire after God’s knowledge, the buckwheat will deliver an accurate judgment of the damnation Jewish nation of Jesus’ times in the Last Judgment. Why? Contemporaries our Lord did not listen to him and indifferently, even stubbornly and with incomprehension they passed him. And yet, the Wisdom of God revealed in Jesus is more than that of Solomon. He himself is the Wisdom. Nineveh, by the way, also pagans they repented of Jonah’s sermon. These too are incriminating witnesses against the Jews at the Last Judgment, who asserted, did not want to recognize Jesus as God Son. Jesus’ words are dramatic. Both examples are complementary.

In Ethiopia of the queen, we see a great love for the truth, and in Nineveh, there is a pity for a performed break. Let’s try to think about our positions or in a relationship now to God, or about the surrounding people. We don’t push ourselves sometimes either, stubbornly; your view of the matter? “That’s all nice of you to say, God, but in this situation you cannot live according to You. “Or:” I will not admit the truth to a neighbor, do I think I am stupid?” “I will not reconcile with my daughter, for she is not equal to me, and I am, I have no reason to go after her first!” And thus, or so on, we stubbornly oppose it Jesus himself. And there is nothing he can do for us. Do we want it too? We’re here, in the church, so I believe not!
And yet, God did something for us. All he had left was. Maybe it was a desperate step of love against the hard head of a ram; let’s call it what we want. He writes about it in his Gospel of St. John that He loved the world so much that He put His to death the only-begotten Son, that whosoever believed in him should not perish, but that he should have eternal life  for God did not send the Son into the world to condemn the world, but to go through it, the world saved.
The Lord does not want the eternal death of Jesus’ contemporaries or ours. He wants our eternal life. But we need to believe him again. Start loving the truth about us like Queen of Sheba and begin to repent as the Ninevites when, in fact, they recognized your sin. And then the Lord will start to change our hardened stone hearts into loving one’sheart of meat.

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