Success as the primary goal of the efforts’ pursuit of Success can be exaggerated. Even so. that then we don’t care much about the meaningfulness of our efforts, but it is about to be successful at all costs.

Example: Dostoevsky described very aptly “Players.” He wanted to force Success in a risky game. How close this player is today, players at slot machines and not only at them! How many people like that blind passion and craving for Success leads to destruction!

Why is this attitude to Success the goal of all efforts? Dangerous? It carries the fear of failure, the fear of failure, mistakes, and bad luck. It leads to spasmodic tension, pinching, and overvoltage. See to stress, distress, and stress-related illnesses – to the so-called civilizational diseases (e.g., heart and circulatory diseases). One feels issued as a chance to foreign forces – e.g., by chance. Not only that. One when it happens that .. fortunately “or ..wondering” all good falls into his lap, we then discover the emptiness in the soul. Feeling dissatisfied, bored, and nonsense. One then wonders if all this – the effort, efforts, etc. – Was worth it, whether it pays to live just for Success.

A man who longs for success – in any field, he overthinks about himself. He watches too much, and then: the more he wants to succeed, the more it fails. Example: V. E. Frankl, in his logo therapy, clearly shows how a man. Who overthinks during sexual intercourse to be successful eventually fails. He identified this as one of the causes of impotence. It turned out. That there too. where he ultimately succeeds is not a feeling of complete satisfaction, but a feeling of “non-fulfillment.” I don’t have what it could or should it be.

Success as a by-product.

If we have a meaningful activity ahead of us, it is possible to do with interest and enthusiasm for her. A. Längle writes about it: .. It makes sense when something is done for the value of what is going on. Or for the person for whom set is doing. It doesn’t make sense there. Where it is done only for your Success. If we don’t care so much about it. Whether it. What we do will be successful; it brings healthy relaxation. This can dissolve a lot of stress. That will add to the person’s strength. So that he can focus entirely on the goal. Life can then be made more efficient to build. It’s fuller. One does not avoid work, but it is worth it to avoid unnecessary stress. ” Success can be built as an experience of deep joy and true happiness. There and there it is. What makes us happy, secondary product. When we go around it and take pleasure, satisfaction and success as “, which is added to us, improves our lives.

Example: If climbers manage to reach the top or athletes breaking a record – even your record – it is possible understood as proof of the meaningfulness of the effort. However, if it happens to us success goal, then failure we take as a disaster. To think about: “Failure does not mean the absurdity of our actions.” V. E. Frankl

“The meaning and purpose of an activity are not to strive for success.”Alfred Längle.

Success in itself is nothing. if it is not shared with someone. “Elisabeth Lukasz.

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