Recognize God.

To acknowledge God means to decide to recognize that thought and consciousness are not just a random product of this world, but something decisive in the world, not just now that was decisive before me. They belong essentially to being, to what exists; everything that exists is a hidden idea, everything is a realized idea. Nor is matter meaningless. Matter can also be known, but only based on something spiritual, knowable, and that is order. Chaos cannot be known and understood. Order is a reasonable element of things and the world. The matter is built lawfully and can be expressed mathematically. He arranged everything according to the measure, weight, and number standing in Scripture. How do I get to think seriously about God?

When we start to think seriously about ourselves. That means understanding what our primary mission is. Paul Strauss, the surgeon, and writer, wrote. The primary mission of each of us is to be human. In addition, we have a side job. We don’t need anything special to know the truth about life. All we need is a mind and conscience and the experience of life. Some people would probably believe that God would have known them miraculously. They cannot be known more miraculously than the path of human knowledge. D.S.

In the book Julian the Apostate, Merezhkovsky presents an interview about God. Julian speaks to the philosopher Jamblik. Do a miracle. To prove that God is here. Jamblik answers. What are you asking of me? It is not the power and strength for which you can dare to say. He is. When Socrates wanted to acknowledge and believe in God, he did not need miracles. Let’s not ask for blessings. There are enough of them in and around us. Let us immerse ourselves primarily in life, in our lives, and the lives of others. There are many educated among us who prove God by judgments and syllogisms. I listen to them; I honor them.

Evidence helps those who do not remember and enlighten the convinced. What if a believer encounters difficulties? That doesn’t have to be a lousy sign yet. Sometimes, a storm of doubt leads us to seek and take root in the truth sincerely. The path to truth requires patience. Have you noticed how doubts about faith dispel over time? What worried the young man, after years, will dissipate in the light of experience. And what worried us for science is losing its meaning in the light of its new and new knowledge. We used to ask. Where is God? That is not a well-asked question. If we asked how electromagnetic waves smell, we would ask wrong, and it would not be possible to answer it. If we were to ask how many centimeters the tone has, it is also a wrong question. God is not somewhere because God is not something in someplace. God is present differently than the surrounding things. We cannot try God and his presence as if we caught a piece of iron. We can understand his company by understanding the great and profound things of life, love, trust.

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