When we say the Word Advent,people have different ideas. House born more will remember how they rushed through the snow-covered landscape to rotate.Those who are later born May realize that they are waiting for them in Advent clean-out,Chris as presents -hunting, cooking,baking and Christmas confession. And what about  the children? Many  already  see  themselves in  front  of  the  Christmas tree. But it will always be  the  time  to  prepare  for  the  big event.The  time of  Christ’s coming.Not  only for  Christmas. We are  even  more  likely  to  expect  the  coming  of  Christ  at  end  of time. Let’s focus  our attention on Advent time  from different  perspectives. Advent  time is  in European conditions is  embedded  in the  ancient cycle of  nature. The greatest  extension of  the  night  and the  ratio of darkness to light  are  dramatic. Prolonged  darkness  sometimes  causes anxiety.Short  days  remind  us  a little  bit  of  the  earthly  time God  has  entrusted us. Also  silence is  a  phenomen  in the  winter  night. Silence  unlike dumbness, is  full  of  sounds. Therefore,  in the quet  breeze  Samuel  heard  the  voice of God.Unfortunately, today’s society  is  doing  everything  possible  to be quitly disturbed. Attentive and focused  people  could not  miss when  in  the middle of  the  night, the  word  of  God  was  heard  in complete  silence. In this  adventurous time  of  hope, some  folklore  elements  also  stand close  to  the  Christian  tradition. Unfortunately , the  memories of  St. Barbara, Nicholas  and Lucy   have  already  lost their  religious  context  in  this  country. The importance  of  these  elements, if  they  tell us  somethings,should  not  be  overestimated or underestimated. In Advent  time  we  perceive  God’s  goodness, which  goes  in love  with man. Let’s try  to  extend the  preparotory  period  of  Advent  for  our  entire life  on  this  earth. Maranatha come  to  Jesus

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