Are you a salt and light Christian? How do you know it?

Have you ever experienced a feeling of inferiority? So you know how this condition destroys a person. 

Today, we want to discuss what to do so that such a state does not control us. The Lord Jesus Himself teaches us with a metaphor in the Gospel: “No one lights a candle and does not cover it with a vessel” (Lk 8, 16). We can begin the explanation with questions. Why does the Lord Jesus use such comparisons, known from the daily life of his listeners? Lord Jesus, as an excellent teacher, wants his listeners to understand, as clearly as possible and with great benefit, the meaning of the words necessary for salvation. When his listeners meet familiar things in the future, take them in their hands, enjoy them for their lives, and remind them of other essential items necessary for their soul and salvation. The metaphor of light should also become a great reminder for the listeners. Everything without which it would be tough for us to imagine our lives, Jesus begins with the words: “You are.”

These are values ​​that should penetrate us deeply, that we should unconditionally adopt and identify with. Everyday encounter with light is supposed to help us to do this. Therefore, it is not enough for him to know it himself; he must enrich those without such knowledge with his life. Can anyone imagine life without the sun? Scientists say there would be no life on Earth within eight minutes, and within 24 hours, the temperature would drop below minus 250 degrees. As we cannot imagine life without the sun, so will the world be without God. Living without God is not possible. A Christian should bring light and warmth to his surroundings with his life. It is up to each of us how we will fulfill our role in today’s time, our time, the time when God called us to bear witness, to pass the earth test. A good Christian is not afraid of difficulties crosses. He trusts God and cooperates with his gifts, which include today’s words from the Gospel about salt and light. We are determined not to let God down When we realize that God is counting on us. It is said that “God’s mills grind slowly but surely” and “the Lord God is not hasty, but mindful.” It is fitting that we do not let ourselves be led astray from the path Jesus himself invited us to try to be light. 

Let’s try to imagine a yard with domestic birds. Occasionally, these birders get excited when they see wild ducks and geese fly by in the spring and fall. They also want to take off, like any goose or duck. They run a few steps, stutter, and try to wave their clipped or stunted wings, but in the end, they stay in the muddy yard, where a fence demarcates their modest stay.

Faith does not bind us with wings, and they do not stunt our branches. Faith makes us free and happy – when we live as Christians.  

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