Temptation under the appearance of goodnes.

The list of eight evil thoughts (or seven cardinal sins) is the basis of Christian morality manuals, which attempt to list all the instances that are “objectively” sin, and this applies to all. The ideas that prompt such acts are undoubtedly immoral. But all the thoughts that come to mind are not so exclusive. Authors who have experience in the spiritual life point out that the devil often takes the form of an angel of light (cf. 2 Cor 11:14).
And deceives under the appearance of goodness. Thus, for example, some whispering appears good at first, but only later it is seen by experience that it has led us to evil. It seemed to St. Ignatius, shortly after his conversion, that it was a holy intention to fast radically. But it had resulted in a severe stomach illness. Ignatius later admitted that he was deceived when he failed to recognize the hidden deceit beneath the appearance of goodness. This was because his soul, he confessed, was still unskilled in the art of spiritual warfare. It is not too late when a man realizes that he has had this sad experience?
Indeed, that is why it is advisable to confront with the advice of a spiritual father. Men experienced in the spiritual life acquire a finer feeling and can discern angelic thought from the devil’s “smell.” And so with men. One person said, “In the beginning, I don’t pay attention to what anyone does but rather listen to their voice. That’s how.. beautiful speeches rarely deceive me. “I do not like to be deceived by the deceiver’s words. I can tell if there is any deception in the voice.” It’s interesting to note that such observations can be applied to incoming thoughts. St. Ignatius speaks of rules “for the greater discernment of spirits” suitable for those who have already made some progress in the interior life. In these cases, one no longer gives such attention to what the thought suggests but focuses on how the thought presents itself to the soul. In this way, even St. Anthony Abbot distinguished spirits: he noticed that thoughts create different psychological states in the soul.

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