God’s immensity and wisdom.

God, who is present in every place, sees everything. Though the sun illuminates the whole face of the earth, he sees nothing of that on which he sheds his light and cannot enjoy the beauties he causes by his radiance. Infinitely more penetrating are the eyes of the Lord. They shine through every being, and nothing escapes their notice. Behold, what a great reason to lead a blameless life. Our life runs like a filmstrip before the eyes of the Judge who sees all, whose sentence cannot be evaded or delayed by appeal to a higher or otherwise modified— judge who will not be moved by superficial pity or engineered tears.
Does he not see because he does not immediately punish? h, what blindness. e is patient. e knows your every sin; judgment will come when patience passes over him. St. Augustine said – If only I could know you who know me, and if only I could know you as well as you know me. You see to the bottom of human conscience; thou sees everything in me, even that which I would not want to reveal to thee; thou can hide from me, but I cannot hide from thee. Our only concern should be purifying our hearts to see God. The physical eye was created to see the light of the physical material. Even the unreasoning animals have such eyes. If something falls into our eye, it closes to the light. However, the light floods it with its rays and to the eye as if the light is not there. But there is another light that God has created. We can see this light through our spiritual sight. Our spiritual eyes are closed, especially by lust, covetousness, iniquity, and worldly pleasures. This clouds and blinds them. Care is taken to seek help when our bodily eye is diseased, not for a moment delaying its cure. Everything is done to enable it to perceive light again. The bodily eyes were given to us so that we might perceive natural light. Mental eyes have been given to us to perceive God as the Creator.O man, God created you in his image. Do you think He gave you only carnal eyes with which you could see only what He made, and not also spiritual eyes so that you could see Himself, who created you in His image? Look how you are. You are anxious about the physical eyes and neglect the inner eyes. When your Creator wants to show himself to you, it is displeasing to you, and when he wants to heal your eyes, you run away from him. As soon as Adam sinned in paradise, he immediately hid himself from the face of God. As long as his heart was innocent and his conscience clear, he felt happy in the presence of God, but as soon as sin hurt him, he was afraid to look into the divine light. He wandered into the thicket away from the truth; he walked.

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