Thomas apostle

 I am a “twin”…

Thomas from today’s Gospel is similar to us in many ways. Maybe even more than we would like. The name Thomas means Twin in Hebrew. And the figure of the apostle Thomas is genuinely the “twin” of many of us. After all, how many beautiful moments have we already lived with Jesus, how many times have we seen for ourselves what Jesus is capable of, and yet there are moments when we live as if we do not know Christ? Like we wouldn’t believe. In such moments, we become the “twin” of the unbelieving Thomas. Fortunately, Jesus left us one great gift that can tear us from our “unbelief”. That gift is community. When Tomáš was outside the community, he began to have a problem with his faith. But when he returned to it, his faith came alive: “My Lord and my God!” Community is an excellent gift for a believer.

Faith is not a “recluse”. No one can believe alone, just as no one can live alone. No one gave themselves faith alone, just like none of us gave life alone. We receive faith from others, and we have to pass it on. In the community, our faith can grow. And by faith, we conform to Jesus. In the community, Tomas believed anew in “the Lord and God”, he decided to follow Christ anew. Unbelieving, Thomas decided to become the “twin” of Jesus in the community! Solitude and isolation can help me to become the “twin” of the unbelieving Thomas. Community can help me to become a “twin” of Jesus.

Go deep:  Are there periods in my life when I live as if I don’t believe in God? Am I part of a community that would help me grow in faith? Do I realize my behavior can weaken or strengthen another person’s faith?

Tip for you:  I will renew my faith today by praying I believe in God!

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