Human creation

The report of man’s creature is a rant about man, her dignity, a song about the human family, human culture, and progress. This becomes a defense of human pride, the dignity of marriage, and the social community, the dignity of the human genus genuinely.

Human dignity

What is a person? What is the goal, and what is the meaning of his life?

Old religions answer it in their myths: Man is a mixture of divine blood and semen on one side and mud on the other side. Modern science is trying to penetrate the distant prehistory and the depths of the human soul.

The scripture reveals to us the secret of man: it is created on the image of God.

One comes to the world when everything is ready: the Universe, water, plants, animals. Then he begins to man – the crown of the creature, the top of the work. He concludes the creature impasses as a unique being, asking to his kingdom, as the owner of everything created. God has prepared him and donated the whole world from love. Man makes up God personally and immediately. It is the work of the Special Divine Love.

This wants the writer to emphasize the real narrative. The first work of the sixth day – the creation of living beings – mentions only briefly so that it can say about the nature of man. Describing the creatures of man content exceeds all other writings.

“Let’s Make a man…” -a plural expresses a festive form. The writer wants to say that there is a work in which God puts his entire love, his heart. Three times the verb is repeated-created, suggesting that man is a kind of brand new creature.

Man is a being matched from heaven to the world of the material, nor an animal that gradually develops in a sensible, free being. One is not a product of purely natural development, nor does its dignity depend on the technical revolution. Over the centuries, it’s a way of living, living, and eating is changing, its tools and weapons, but a man in its essence remains identical. God is present in the man in a unique way. There is something divine in it or create on the image of God. Man is not God (Emperor, Pharaoh.), but created by God.

The Hebrew expression of Adam (translates as a man) is the name of the Mass. It is not said that God created one man, but a man at all.

One is, therefore, the image of God, regardless of the country and at what time he lives, to which the national and the race belongs. All people are created by God. They are all the same before God. They all have the same rights and the same dignity. Everyone must honor each other as siblings. All mankind is one family. Hatred against man is hatred against the creator and vice versa – the service of man is the creator service. Who presses the poor, collapses with the creator (Iz 14.13).

God’s image (Picture of Hebr. Selem)

So far, outside the Bible could not find such an expression to indicate the secret of the human being. The writer does not tell us what the similarity of man lies with God. But we are clearly and comprehensively talking about the purpose of this similarity. Thus – in what lies.

The writer deliberately uses the expression “image” and not the phrase “son.” The son indicates a more reliable connection, but it could bring to the idea that God and man are of the same nature, sort of a mixture of divine and human, with what we meet in the myths of pagan religions.

Man is not merely the image of God but created on the image of God. The writer wanted to eliminate the misunderstandings, the man was incarnation (incarnation) of God, but man is a resemblance. Man is the presence of God on Earth and the similarity of God. God wants through him to manifest his truth and love.

Man does not rely on the paintings of God and gods, or himself stands in the direct and personal relationship to the creator. “Image” expresses the relationship of proximity and, nevertheless, differences and dependencies. (Child and Parent – Jesus said, “If you do not like children, you will not enter the Kingdom of Heaven.”)

If we stand in front of the mirror, the image in the mirror will copy our activity. Let’s raise my hand – the same thing is in the mirror picture. Thus, the expression “on God’s image” expresses our similarity with God in action, work. E.g., love, passing life.

As a man and a woman created them “

From this sentence, the Scriptures show that the sex site of man and gender difference is from God – the creator and also belongs to the man – the image of God. It is not for him something “animal,” but human. The sexual double is an essential element of similarity with God. Man is the image of God as a couple. The sexual divisibility is the work of God and corresponds to God’s plan of Providence. Gender creates. It is not a kind of divine reality, as it teaches the religions of the cult of fertility. It is a terrestrial fact. And since it is the work of God itself is good.

Man, as well as women, are created on God’s image. The woman owns the same dignity and is equal to the man. It is the same degree of divine similarity. It has the same nature, the same rights. Clearly and solely, there is a proclaimed equality of man and woman. These words are also condemning the misrepresentation of those times when a woman was deemed to be a lower being, for any semi-man, for a domestic subject, issued for mercy and disgrace to the man.

Only the revealed religion talks about this equivalence. Everywhere else, we encounter humiliating women, public, or hidden, so-called. Democratic… Whether a woman as a sexual object (I contraception – why not men?!) or inexpensive workforce, poor maternity rating… China: The principle of Jing and yang. One is masculine – good, and the second is the feminine principle – evil. Some of the members of Buddhism argue that who lives in a better life, he is a man; Who lives a worse life, he is a woman. Seneca (famous Roman philosopher): Femina – Imprudens Anima (female – Unholy animal), etc.

This text continues: “God blessed them and said to them: ‘Sit and multiply and fill the earth ‘”, which shows that the intimate connection of one man and one woman wants himself, God, to carry human life. But to do this is a must of God’s precious blessing, what happens when concluding a marriage.

Then God said, “get your ground…”. This means that God left the world unfinished. One has an obligation to complete it, to be the work of God’s collaborator on Earth. Its abilities are to explore the forces of nature and exploit them. The whole progress of man is summarised in these words. This command applies to both men and women together. So development is only possible when a man, together with a wife, will work on it as partners.

4. “And behold, it was perfect “


For each episode of creation, he writes, “God saw that it’s good”, but here he emphasizes “very good”. Thus the work of a vast, special divine Love. Man discovered – the crown of the creature. Everything penetrates by optimism. It is also a conviction of dualism (two principles – good and evil; spirit and Mass…) that says the Mass is terrible.

Seventh Day

The seventh day God finished his works… and rested… What does it mean? God is not as tired as a man. This phrase means that God has achieved the realization of his intentions.

The seventh day is the goal of creation. In the celebration of the seventh day of creation, he receives his sense and achieves his goal – worship of his creator. This day sanctify the work of man and makes her divine. This happens to a person similar to God at work and in rest.

The seventh day according to the Bible, lasts forever, there is no cycle. It’s a day that doesn’t have an evening. The seventh day is the goal of man. On this day, we remind heaven where we have to come, where our homeland is. On this day, God is resting with man-being in bliss, where we can completely live one for another.

Relax (Hebr. Šábat) Does not lie down, but mainly have time for another. It is about singing friendship with God with the man.

This day for man does not stop at the end of this world. The seventh day is the bliss, heaven, where We Belong (Por. Hebr 4.9-11). Now we live the sixth Biblical day. Sunday, the seventh day, is a reminder of heaven, our goal.

Description of the Creature makeover (Gn 2, 4b-3.7)

This part speaks of a man who is the centerpiece, the highlight of the work. The first part explains the emergence of space and man. The second describes the causes of its existence.

We may notice that God is called the first time as the Lord. In the Bible, the words of the Lord and God separate by a comma. Why? The word God (Hebr. Elohim) means power, government, grandeur, a summary of Dokonalostí. It emphasizes God’s almighty, sovereignty. The Lord (Hebr. Jahwe) Means one that is, therefore, the one that is with me; The one that loves me. The name of the Lord expresses, emphasizes the proximity, the partnership. In this tatami is talking about man. Only the man has God revealed himself as the Lord.

For completeness: The old-name God comes from the word Bog, namely the Sanskritian word of Bhaga, which means noble, skull, worthy of highest fasting. The Latin expression for the name God is Deus. The word Deus comes from either the ancient Indian expression deva or div, meaning light or shine, or comes from the Greek word ΟΕΟΣ (Theos). The name Theos has a root in an expression of Thes, saying a prayer, meditation, or its roots is the expression of Tithémi, which means to lay, to base. For the Semitic El (God) means Mighty, Allah means strength or the highest power. Grecian term Gott, God, has a root just, meaning light.

           “The Lord, the God, turned from the clay of the Earthman and breathed into his nostrils breath of life. So he became a man of live beings. “It is commonly thought that here goes about clay, which was a material for God to do (! Used the term done, not created) the body of a man. Clay – Hence the elements of the material world. The body is folded vigorously from clay, hence from the parts. Then God breathed his breath of life, that is to say, God gives a man a life principle, from which the man lives from God. It is not here as originated (scientifically), but what is his dignity and relationship with God. As God created a man, whether it was the inhalation of the soul to the mayor – the predecessor of man or somehow otherwise, it leaves the Bible science. But there was certainly divine intervention.

By studying the original Hebrew text, we are coming to other attractions.

Pottery clay is in Hebr. Chomer, however, here the word Áfár is used – i.e., literally dust. The dust cannot model. The whole phrase reads Earth from the ground (an atrium min Sheet1). The entire sentence reads, “The Lord, God, has formed a man as dust from the Earth. This is about human quality. Man is dust because God did it as dust. They are the words of the mighty divine and the Nichokate, the passing of man. They express the absolute dependence of man from God. (In Hebrew. I-Man, háadámy – ( fertile) ground, roľa; (i) in Latin Homo – man, Humus – Earth)

According to the biblical filing, a person is tied to the ground, with nature, with other creatures. On the other hand, the God of Man frees over everything, adopts him as a child of God. God does not breathe his breath into the animals, his spirit., only to man. Man – dust and breath of life.

One is from the ground, closely linked to the field. Here he stems his love for Earth and the cosmos. The Breath of Life (immortal soul) is a man directed toward immortality, to eternity, to God. But at the same time depends on God (like clay from the mug). We are in the hands of God. It’s a hearting truth. We are not in the hands of blind fate or Coins.


Eden” is not a geographic concept; it’s in Hebr. Foreign word. Hebrew understands him as bliss.

… In the East “stems, begins to shine the sun. It’s a picture, a symbol that means: “In the beginning.”

God of Man took and placed in paradise. Thus, the Paradise man has no right from the nature of the law (adoption); there is a need for God’s grace. God gave the man the participation in his life, determined him for eternal bliss in God. God concluded with him a covenant of love and friendship. In paradise, a man had a role in making him go and be lost, hence not lounging, but human cooperation, beauty, and fertility depend on the collaboration of God and man.

Paradise Wraps Rivers – the rivers are life. Paradise – First and foremost religious reality. If I live in God’s love, I am in paradise. Conversely, if I am a sin, heaven is changing gradually in hell. Paradise (Freedom) should be a guard to no chance in hell.

8thTree of life

The symbolism of the tree – a sign of life force and power. Where is the tree, there is a possible life, housing; The image of the tree Oriental Literature uses to express the great living realities of physical and moral, positive and negative. The tree is a source of energy and happiness, a sign of wisdom and life.

Tree of Life – one could try his fruit. Symbolically, this means that she enjoyed taking part in God’s life. One had the participation in God’s immortality – a never-ending friendship with God. The term life and friendship is in the Bible are the same. However, the immortality of a person depends on obedience to God.

9thTree of knowledge of goodness and evil

The Bible does not speak of some apple, but about the tree of knowledge of good and evil. It is a symbol of a human conscience that says: Rob right, forbid evil. We all wear this tree. Know in Hebr. means to try, experience, understand, achieve (even married to live). A man in paradise had an explicit knowledge and a firm will. He knew in his sense what is right and wrong. But don’t try evil. This would cause his death. Thus lost by paradise, voluntarily would resign from friendship with God. Happiness depends on obedience to God; I do not have to, but I am free to act well.

This tree gave experiential knowledge, but those that make the man happy.

The first people enjoying the forbidden fruits, and they become, have been, to some extent participating in the knowledge that God himself has. Like I know what is evil, for example. What a murder, but I never passed it; therefore, I did not try, although I know what would bring in my life. And I look forward to the fact that I have never done so because I fully appreciate life.

God is the norm of good and evil, not man.

The tree of knowledge of good and evil is a test place on which one decides before God.

10thCreature Women

The creation of a woman – not a time figure, but a special report (for the Gentiles the women despise, the inferior being); Emphasis is placed on the dignity, size, role of women in this tatami.

The scripture says that Adam, though called the name of all the beasts, help that would be similar, not found. In the ancient Semitic world, the name marked the most intrinsic nature of the fate of being. Give something a name, or change the name, meant to be able to know his inner essence, govern over it, and determine the fate of that being. Man is then being built over animals. God gives him the power to reign over them and even change them and have a share of the divine government over them. But no one was found to be an assistant and a companion. Man, although he is a master of creation, is himself, because nothing of the creature of him is not equivalent.

 The previous font text brings one more question. In the plant and animal world, being with sexual diversity is created at the same time, but in a man first Adam and then a woman. Why did God arrange this and caused Adam’s consciousness of aloneness? It has a profound pedagogical-psychological significance. The man can recognize the dignity of a woman, her naturalness, and importance for his life only if he lives a particular time without it, which brings us to the knowledge of the significance of premarital purity. Celibacy opens up a man for the experience of the value of a woman and makes him mature for marital life.

The creation of a woman’s Bible says as follows: “The Lord, God, committed to Adam’s hard sleep and when he fell asleep, he picked him one rib and his place filled the meat. And from the Rebra, which he chose Adam, he formed the Lord, God, wife and brought it to Adam “. “Hard sleep”, this term is used in the Bible to indicate the type of ecstasy, vision, prophecy vision.

The word “sepia” in the Sumerian-academy language means the rib and life. The meaning of the biblical expression is: A woman arises from a potent life force, has the same nature as a man and the same dignity. I woman created God immediately. She is so good, not bad. God brought a woman to Adam. The woman is, therefore, the gift of God for the man, the gift from above, from God.

God created a woman and a man. Her being is exempted from his being. They are of the same kind, and they are equal. In Hebr. Man – Ai, female – Iššah, suggesting equivalence – similar expressions. Although different, they were created to be one (… And will be one body), they are created one for another, they both complement each other. “The Missing rib” man is able to supplement only the woman. The other man is not capable of. A man located in a woman “bone of his bones”. This is about full equality and unity in love. It is only one bone, which symbolically suggests only one woman. The intimate connection of a man, therefore, applies exclusively to one woman. It’s the intent of the creator. Any intimate relationship with another person is a counterfeit; of course, if one body exists, i.e. one of them did not die with natural death.

“Therefore, the man leaves his father and his mother and Adheres to his wife and will be one flesh”. This sentence will result in further conclusions: the unity of men and women in a special community (marriage) is the deepest, and the relationships to parents are also falling before it (leaving their father and mother), the most intimate (they will be one body), not only in the intimate area but in every area marriage. One can leave the father and mother, but the wife never. The marital community is larger and more powerful than the creat. Divorce is chipping of your own body.

If God had taken two lots of the Earth, he created a man and a woman and breathed into them the breath of life, by explaining their relationship to the Earth, but not their mutual relationship. When we talk about a weaker gender, we do not think of a smaller value for women, but to her profession to men, as a stronger gender, who should protect her and respond to it, to love her as his body as a better part, his better half.

“They Were both naked and unashamed” – the nudity has a contrasting symbolism in the Bible. It is a sign of misery, slavery, and vice versa clothing a symbol of wealth and fame. But here it means something else because there is no sin yet. Thus it is a sign of innocence and total confidence.

Who is man? What is the meaning of his life? What does it mean to me that I am a son of God or a daughter? What impressed me with the creation of a man




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