Encourage people to strive for real relationships with their neighbors.
Snake experts say the rattlesnake is known to be trapped. If so, he becomes enraged and may bite himself and perish from his own poison. In the same way, a person can be destroyed when he keeps himself constant anger and rage; it acts as a poison and destroys his health. Doctors claim that chemical changes in our bodies under the influence of anger are harmful to certain authorities. Thus, man can be destroyed by his own anger. Jesus urged us today not to keep our anger at our neighbors in our hearts (cf. Mt 2: 23-24).
In the Gospels, we heard the first of Jesus’ so-called antithesis, which regulates The Old Testament with the same authority with which God proclaimed it. The first antithesis is concerned with the fifth commandment. God’s law looks not only at the deed but more deeply at the original deed, to the mind that is behind him. So Jesus reaches for the root and shows us that anger equals murder. Jesus addressed these words to his disciples. A flat disciple means to form a brotherhood. There must be no anger in this fraternity. What does it mean to get angry? Anger can manifest itself in two ways: inside and out. The anger inside means being bitter, bitter at your brother, being
internally upset, harboring anger, not associating with a brother, separating from him, and devouring internally. Anger on the outside means being upset, exploding, treating a brother, being ruthless, being vicious, manifesting ruthless thinking, get angry. It’s all murder on my brother. Where they are in the heart, all the above-mentioned kinds of anger were present; there is the disciple already deserved to be judged in action because he became his brother’s murderer.
Jesus asks that we not limit our righteousness to external acts, to refrain from evil deeds, but to strengthen this justice in their thoughts, desires, desires, and everything in general internal acts. We are to make and perfect the kingdom of heaven with all his being, and therefore with all his thoughts. The ambition of the sincere, it is the man to be as he is within. Jesus’ words, which we have heard today, are solemn. Let’s be honest, often to them; we pay no attention. It surprises us; to be honest, it’s too much justice. However, we have experience with ourselves. If we keep in our heart anger, we wish our opponent badly, we don’t want anything to do with him, and they were we would like it not to exist for us. Well, whether this attitude is not spiritual, meaning murder? Under the influence of anger, we often say words to us later, and sometimes for the rest of their lives, they regret. We need not act in anger. Let’s try to get rid of anger first, reconcile with our brother. One gentleman says: “My co-worker wrote a bad letter to his father in anger. I advised him not to send him because he wrote him under the influence of anger. He didn’t listen, but he asked me to put the letter in the mailbox because he didn’t make it himself. I know he did not throw. I waited until the next day. In the morning, a worried colleague came to work: Georg, I am very sorry that I sent a letter to my father yesterday. It can lead to a stroke. He had I obey you. I wouldn’t know what to do to get him back. I pulled out a sheet from the bag and handed it to him. He was happy. ” Let’s start fighting anger inside today. Let’s start with this for a while. And since this fight is not easy, let us ask for strength to persevere in it.

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