Let’s learn to draw from the Heart that man pierced with a spear.

If someone asked you if you have a heart, what would be the answer? That I ask for stupidity? After all, every living person must have a heart! In the discussion on interpersonal relations on Slovak Radio, the remark was also made: “The number of people without a heart is growing.” How many people in our neighborhood suffer from the absence of love, heart in their family and neighborhood! Old children and a wife to husband, subordinate to superior talk about heartless heart, stone heart, incomprehensible heart … Yes, every living person has a heart. The heartbeats and a person’s life. He has no health problems with the heart, he has no stone in his chest, but the heart is a muscle of meat, and Lifeblood flows through it … We understand that the word “heart” also expresses love, a relationship with people or the character of the man. Blood and water came forth “(Jn 19:34) in connection with salvation, eternal life.

The call from the Litany to the Divine Heart of Jesus says: the spear breaks the heart. The Church Fathers, writers, theologians touch on salvation in this act. The pierced Heart of Jesus points to the love of God’s Son Jesus for the Father. Jesus boldly carried out the plan of salvation. The pierced Heart of Jesus represents love for people, “he loved them to the extreme” (Jn 13: 1). Jesus underwent the greatest sacrifice in human history when given as the whole self-sacrifice. The pierced Heart is a sign of the completeness of love, both supernatural and natural. The pierced heart is an image of the new life given to man by the Holy Spirit, especially through prayer, Holy Mass, the sacrament. The actions of a soldier, the piercing of the side of Christ with a spear, and the consequent flow of water and blood from the side of Christ is a sign that Jesus was indeed dead. That is, Jesus, born in Bethlehem and rose from the dead on the third day after being buried in a glorified body, is the true God. Thus, the old or new doctors, that is, the denial of the human nature of Christ, will not stand. The Gospels describe the death of the Lord Jesus, but this tragedy, the terrible death, the real death of Christ, is for us believers a sign of new life, the hope of eternal life. From this point of view, John’s description of the event of the piercing of the Heart is fundamental. Just as a strong spring of water gushed from a rock in the wilderness on which Moses struck, so from the heart of Christ pierced by a spear flowed water, which had the power to quench the thirst for those who would believe in Christ the Savior and Redeemer.

Water from the side of Christ is the gift of the Holy Spirit, which revives the divine life in us. The Church was born of the pierced Heart of the Lord Jesus. As a woman was born of Adam’s rib, so was the Church, his bride, born of the Savior’s pierced Heart. The Church was born of water and blood, baptism, and the Eucharist, which flow from the pierced Heart. “The marvelous mystery of the whole Church has been leaked from the side on the cross of the dead Christ” (SC 5). The Apostle St. John reminds us that Mary, the mother of Jesus, stood under the cross. She saw blood and water flowing from Son’s side. People, she understood Jesus’ words, “Woman, behold, thy son” (Jn 19:26), and John understood the words of Master Jesus: “Behold, thy mother” (Jn 19:27). The Church confesses for this event that she is entrusted to the maternal love of the Virgin Mary.

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