God, who is?

I am, who I am. This is the actual name of God. A word that denotes his incomparable greatness and distinguishes him from all that he is not. At least a dull, foggy concept. Moses asked God what his real name was. What shall he call him before the children of Israel? And God told him then. I am the one who is. And he adds. You shall tell the children of Israel. He who is,  sends me to you.

Bossuet speaks- God is the only one who has the right to say I am. Two verbs should be noted. They are verbs: to be and to have. The first verb belongs only to the essence of God. The second verb of the created substance. Augustine once said God is what He has. We think of this statement when we speak of God, that he has good, wisdom, and mercy, that God is a subject who has different qualities from himself, without which it would also be possible to imagine him. To think of God like that would be a big mistake. We need to talk. God is good; God is mercy; God is wisdom. We say that his being is identified with his perfections. He is the one who is the very being that is entitled to say. I am- Ego  sum. If someone other than God could say I am, then the name that spoke on Mount Horeb would no longer be the name of Yahweh. And what do we say about other beings? It’s just that neither of them can say I’m this; . But only I have this; I have it.

It is understood that the word appears in our speech occasionally, even when we are talking about creatures, but whoever analyzes each word well will soon be convinced that when it comes to animals, then the verb to be is only a helper of the verb to have. And rightly because no abstract perfection can rightly be appropriated to creation. Note its qualities. Are you educated, but can you say you are enlightened? No, you are just someone who has something that has a specific dose of science. You are gifted with intelligence. But can you say you are intelligent? You are not someone who has intelligence. And notice your very nature. You are man, a being endowed with reason, meaning, life. But you are not human nature; you are not reason, feeling, life. No, you are the only one who participates in these various realities and owns them. You are someone who has a certain degree of being, which is limited by his imperfection.

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