Prepare your soul for Christ

It is the duty of each of us to take care of our soul, Why is alms? What can we do with it? Jesus says, “Give what is inside as alms, and all things will be to you clean” (Luke 11:41).
Jesus emphasizes the difference between the concepts of inside and outside. He gives us . It is made clear that God, who sees deep into the human heart, wants it clean. He emphasized the core with his sharp answer to your teaching. We are not afraid of ceremonial impurity, but the contaminant of sinners’ attitudes that obscure our insides. Intolerance, dishonesty, arrogance, greed, selfishness – these and many other attitudes defile us. Everyone is possible, we agree that our words and deeds have their roots in the attitude of the heart. If we get rid of what is inside that offends the Lord, then our terms will also be purified and deeds to gain new freedom and strength to carry out the Lord’s commandments.
Every time we perform the sacrament of reconciliation, we experience inner desire and need to cleanse the inside of the precious vessel that is our soul. It always spills into it The life of Christ. Sir, the Pharisee, has invited you to the table to take his place. The sentence can to say the other way around: You ask us to the table to feed us with the best
the food you can give: to yourself.
In today’s prayer, let us ask the Holy Spirit to show us what in we are to purify our hearts so that our souls may be ready for the coming of Christ. Holy Spirit, look into my heart today and show me where I have allowed sin to take root. Make me more sensitive to your voice to quickly come to Jesus and let Him cleanse me. Wash me with the blood of Christ so that all I do it came from a pure heart.

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