Surely you are wondering what  new  you will  learn about Jesus. You might be interested  in  something  from his  childhood. But very  Little is written About this  in Holy Scripture. Except for Jesus’mother and  her  husband Joseph no one knew that Jesus war  more  than an ordinary boy. Jesus  did not show anything that  Joseph was not  his real Father, but  he was God the Father. It is mentioned that Jesus was very wise. When Jesus was  12 years old  he  was  in the temple in Jerusalem through  the  Holidays. There he spoke  to the old  learned  priests. And  they all listened to him in astonishment, he said so  wisely. When Jesus was About Thirty years old he left  the house. He began walking in the villages and telling  People  about God About  his Father. You know that  because  of that  has become  human. But  he had it  difficult. For Thirty  years he lived  like an ordinary man. Surely he was  Always very  good and  Kind. But  somehow  he did  not manifest  his deity. Then how  could he  begin to speak  of  himself  as the  son of God? No one  would  believe  him. They would  surely  have  considered  him a fool. He had no legitimacy About  who he was so  that  everyone  could be  convinced  of it. And  yet somehow  he has to prove  that he  wasn’t an ordinary  person, that  he had  the  right  to talk  About   what  God  was and  what he  asked  of  us. Jesus proved he was God  by doing miracles. But do you know what  a miracle is? Is it something like wizards do? You’ve already seen a magician pulling a live Rabbit out of his  hat. Or he tears  a Banknote into  small pieces and then  suddenly  shows it  all up. Are magicians who  guess, who’s got something in his  pocket. But this is  only  magic is not Miracle.The magician  learned it. Anyone who’s clever can learn it too. But the word Miracle certainly heard many times. Possible this but it’s a Miracle that  you got a unit in school today. Who has Always  the units in school About it, no one  would say it is  a Miracle. So here the  world Miracle  means something rare  has happened. That someone unexpectedly  gets  a unit is not  a  miracle, but  a bit like  him By the fact that a Miracle does not often happen we  can say  that rarely. The  real  Miracle there is something much more. Something that no man can do only God. Listen carefully to the  story of Jane. This  story help you  understand  what a Miracle is. Jane likes to help your  mom at work  in the  garden. He was  there when  mother  planted  the Peas  in the garden. He wanted  that  mum  puts  a lot  of   Peas  into the  hole   but  mum told  her  it wasn’t necessary. Because  a lot of new Peas  grow from one pea. It didn’t seem like it,  but  in  the summer  she found out. Then she got a great idea. She buried the glass balls into  Ground. She enjoyed in advance how many of them  she  would  have. But for  Nothing she enjoyed  the balls Nothing grew. Her mother  explained  that  Nothing  could grow out of  the  balls, because there wasn’t as  much  strength in  them  as  in peas. Then, once the doll fell out  of her hand her  leg  broke. Jane  also had a broken leg  a year ago. Uncle the doctor put her foot in the gyps. She  had  to  lie in bed. And her leg grew together. Jana put the doll in her cot and  wrapped her leg around  her. And waited, but in vain.  The Dolls leg didn’t grow. Jane went to see the  doctor and asked him to do it. He  told her she didn’t  care  that  doll  foot, because  it will never  grow. Jane  asked who could do it. The Doctor  told  her  that  only God. Since then Jane become  more  Aware  of  everything  around her. And  she  still had something  to admire. How is it possible that from  one  seed  grows  a flower   and  another   carrot. From one  egg  hatch chick, How is it  possible that one  raspberry cherry stone  grows  into a tree that can be  turned into a  big basked every year. And  when  they  plant I basket of potatoes in the  garden so much  that  they have  enough for the  whole  winter, How can a torn blouse  does not grow together, but when  you cut your finger it grows in a few days. How is it possible  that a Tiny child grows into  a big  person. But the doll remains the  same. But you may not know who The Treat a Miracle  is only  God  can do. What no man  can do. Try  to  pay  more  Attention  to  the  world  around  you.and  you  will see many  miracles.

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