2nd Sunday through the year A Joh 1,29-24


I used to  read that the  first missionaries had a to read  that the first missionaries a  problem with the Eskimo to translate the Lamb of God aborigines not only  saw the Lamb but  never  had a word  saving they  used the word Behold the Seal of God, also a symbol of moderation, like the lamb in  our speech,  they np longer see the  live  lamb. , but they are familiar with  so many depictions and  reading in  the  Bible lamb is a common theme.  Four eastern lambs escaping from Egypt.


The Jews knew very well what the word of the Lamb meant. The image of the Lamb was closely connected. The Lamb was a symbol of the saviors of misfortune and death. The blood of the Lamb was anointed by the leaf of the door, and the angel of death did not fit. Thus, the blood of the Lamb saved them from death. The Flesh of the Lamb was consumed by the way to the promised land. They then commemorated this event every year, which also sacrificed the Lamb. But according to John the Baptist, Jesus is not a mere lamb. He is a Lamb who sacrifices for the sins of the world. Only he is pure, innocent, pointless. Only His sacrifice for sins could give God the satisfaction of our sins. One could insult God, but begging him for forgiveness was a necessary death of the Lamb. We must be grateful to John the Baptist for clearly defining Jesus’ mission. We should want to be the companions of Jesus in saving the world. Many options are offered. The first is that we will protect sin ourselves. The adult and the armchair in charge were supposed to protect conscious sin.   We ask if we live in sin, if we are not in love with any sin and do not want to give up. Let’s look at our families. Parents should help children shape their consciences. When a child in the family does not learn what is good and bad, what is, and what sin is, we do not expect our children to be angels in adulthood. Another serious danger is the external pressure on the man who does not actually commit any sin. How much effort is devoted to different media to convince people. That moral principles that have been in place for centuries today are ridiculous and outdated for many people. In the past, deeds were defined that were repented of sin. As a manifestation of human sovereignty and freedom of manifentcia. Even older Christians like her were affected and regretted that in their youth they could not live the way they live today. We must be like Jesus. We sacrifice our prayers, our sacrifices, and Holy Mass for sinners. None of us can say that sin is my thing. Maybe we could say if we were in the world, they were alone. But we are not alone. We connect with others. Hence, the sin of a person with the whole neighborhood in which the person lives. It is well known that corruption is widespread in many countries. Corruption has different forms and forms. It is certain that corruption has destructive consequences. Every person who succumbs to corruption commits sin, and we see what it has with material and moral consequences. Many politicians, but not just give them a judge when they read corruption, they deny, even though they face irrefutable evidence. This should lead us to two basic principles. Do not allow sins to be inflicted. And the second thing to educate children to justice, accountability, and love. It also makes the Church. The Church warns people of the dents, leads them to accountability, righteousness, and love. But it has only the power to give us sins and to forgive us. Jesus gained this power on the cross and gave it to the Church. No one can say that the problem of sin does not exist. Denying sin, seeking different excuses, does not remove sin. It is our task to fight against sin, above all against ourselves and for the salvation of the world. We would be blind. If we had not seen the consequences of sins. Let us look at the moral decline of many people in the destroyed forests of polluted water, air. For all this, human sins are worth it. If a person remains conscious lyricized and voluntarily in his sins, this will lead to the destruction of man, but also destroy everything around man. Jesus knew this, so he became a lamb to save us.



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